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Book no.1


There's No Such Thing As Monsters (Gaslamp Faeries Series, Book 1)

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them have sharp teeth and beady red eyes.


New London. A thriving metropolis at the forefront of technological advancement and a shining gem of civilization.


Faeries. Whether they come off cute and cuddly or downright predatory, they all bring misfortune or are heralds of it.


Experience is a harsh taskmistress, but her lessons sink the deepest. Having been taught the lesson at great cost, Kal’s rules for dealing with faeries are simple: don’t talk to them, don’t look at them, don’t give them the time of day. So when the Other Side comes knocking one fateful, stormy day, Kal, at first, pretends not to notice. Was forgetting this rule his folly?


His way of life is in great danger. His little sister, Sammie, a natural mage, is taken by Ouroboros, a criminal organization made up of raving lunatics that profit off the misery and suffering of others, and have everything to do with all the crimes of magic in New London.


Kal will go to any lengths to save his sister, even to his death. Accompanied by his sylph companion, a mischievous pest, Kal dives deep into the dark underbelly of the city, but are his hands enough to dig his sister out from the muck?

The Monster's in the Details (Gaslamp Faeries Series, Book 2)

Are monsters born, or do bad actors take shattered people and shape them like putty, molding them into unrecognizable shapes?


The Otherworld. Made up of Dayside and Nightside and separated by the Twilit Boundary, the Otherworld is a plane of existence lost from time, bursting with magic and vibrant life. 


Kal floats on the verge of life and death, struggling to find a reason to keep on living. In an odd turn of events, Kal’s sylph familiar, Bell, may care more about keeping him alive than he does. Bell makes a deal with the merfolk on Kal’s behalf to save him from a fatal wound, but in doing so the wily fishes curse him to do their bidding. 


To avoid his being killed outright by either the faery king Oberon, or Bell’s possessive father, Lord Eurius, Bell urges Kal to create his own legitimacy by leveraging faery politics for his own ends. At the pagan festival of Samhain, the last harvest, Bell pushes Kal to declare himself a champion.


More than a hundred champions galavant across the Otherworld in search of a kingly title shrouded in mystery and dark deceit, the mantle of the Seven Year King. 


Kal will undergo his own crucible along his path of thorns. Tests, trials, and tribulations will force him to wrestle with his nature and face himself fully, warts and all. If he survives, Kal will emerge clothed in legitimacy and empowered to pursue his own ends. 

The Monster at the End of Its Road (Gaslamp Faeries Series, Book 3)

Kal may be becoming a monster, but with Bell at his side, at least he’s in good company.

New London circa 1912. A few short months have passed since Kal was stabbed in the back and cast into the abyss.

Ouroboros. A criminal organization with a web so wide that no human or monster is safe from its sticky fingers. Ouroboros specializes in trafficking and crimes of magic, and deals in all that is immoral and illegal. Dark forces are brewing, and Ouroboros stands in the eye of the storm.

New London is a city that never sleeps, but storefronts are closed, windows are shuttered, and doors are barred while dark entities terrorizing the streets at night bring indiscriminate death to all. And in broad daylight, a serial killer continues to wreak havoc on the magical community.

Kal is determined to take Ouroboros apart brick-by-brick if he has to, while Sammie has so deeply entrenched herself with the enemy that there’s little hope of their relationship returning to its roots.

In a cruel twist of fate, Fin Macool gets his dearest wish granted, and he leaves Kal’s side. Alone, will Kal & Bell be able to defeat the sea of enemies arrayed against them?

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The Monster at the End of Its Road (Gaslamp Faeries Series, Book 3)

Is Kal a monster? What makes a monster, monstrous

Kal enters the Arcanium, a secret pseudo nation-state hidden in a parallel pocket world with a millennia-long history of rearing mages. Kal believes he’s off to a good start when he passes a trial by fire designed for failure, but doing so only serves to paint a target onto his back.

As a budding arcanist, Kal must learn to fight a new monster of epic proportions: a heavy-laden schedule of classes… and all this while being hunted by Otherworld assassins.

Kal’s rivals, enemies, and allies collide on the Arcanium, forcing him to juggle a complex web of tenuous relationships that will catch flame with the tiniest of sparks. That spark arrives in the form of the serial killer, Red, who tears through the unsuspecting student body like a fox in a henhouse.

In order to step into his power and become a mage, Kal will need to absorb a library’s worth of magic theory to expand his current ability set while facing down the monsters barring his path forward.

At least Kal can count on the help of his sylph familiar, the faery, Bell… right?

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